Music Video Download – ABC Songs for children: h h h is h – ABC Playtime: BSL – British Sign Language

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() – Check out our other videos on our YouTube Channel.

We’ve turned our catchy songs into an app: ABC PlayTime. Kids can now play with our characters, sing along with our songs and learn to write their letters.

This is the BSL version – for ASL version check out our channel

Look out for the videos for the rest of the alphabet; COMING SOON!

WiseCats App shown in this video are available in:

iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and as Air apps from

ABC PlayTime – Play with WiseCats characters, write words

WiseCats packages together music, literacy, the alphabet, phonics, American Sign Language, British Sign Language and reading. This combination stimulates, educates and amuses children from 1+ years, through Apps, songs, animations, books and simple learning tools. All children, including special needs, love this program.


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