Music Video Download – Drakensberg Boys Choir (Bernard Krüger) | “Woza, Africa!” – South African songs and dances (2018)

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Drakensberg Boys Choir
Leitung & Klavier / Choirmaster & piano: Bernard Krüger

“Woza, Africa!” – South African songs and dances
00:00 | “Woza, Africa”
03:58 | “Ingoma Yehlati”
08:48 | “African Drumming”
09:44 | “Inqa (the Vulture)”
12:08 | “Ndikhokhele Bawo”
16:39 | “Iza Ngomso” (“Come, tomorrow”)
21:38 | “Gumboot Dance”
23:36 | “Molo Molo”
24:40 | “Busa le lizwe” (“Rule this land”)

Konzert im Rahmen der Europareise im Congress Centrum Ulm am 4. Mai 2018
Concert as part of the European trip in the Congress Centrum Ulm on May 4th, 2018

© CHOR GESANG – Knabenchöre (2018)
mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Drakensberg Boys Choir

+++ CHOR GESANG – Knabenchöre +++öre/

+++ Drakensberg Boys Choir +++


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