Dance Moms Cast From Poorest To Richest

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Dance Moms cast net worth ranked.
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The original cast of “Dance Moms” has come a very long way. They aren’t the little girls they used to be and they’re certainly not making pennies like they did in Season One. Social media can seriously impact how much a celebrity makes. “Dance Moms” stars can make some serious dough by repping new brands or posting pictures on Instagram. It’s safe to say that for the new generation, the sky’s the limit. You probably think that Maddie Ziegler has the biggest net worth out of all the “Dance Moms” stars, but that just isn’t true. In fact, Maddie is the third richest dancer out of the OG crew.

In this video from TheThings, we’ll reveal which stars are the richest by ranking their net worth from lowest to highest. You won’t believe who made it into the top three spots. Thanks for watching our channel and don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss another “Dance Moms” video.

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