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The Crazy Truth About The Richest NBA Player Never Seen | UNTOLD

In March of 2016 Forbes released its list of the highest-earning retired athletes of 2015.However, when many people read the name of the fourth person on the list it left them confused. Unlike Michael Jordan who retired in 2003, David Beckham in 2013 and Arnold palmer in 2006, this player retired all the way back in 1987. That’s more than 30 years ago! Long before players were getting paid ridiculous amounts of money like they are today.

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If he has been out of the game for so many years, how was he able to earn so much money? And for an NBA player who was unknown to most people, it’s a fair question to ask. Simply put, after retiring from the NBA, he made a wise decision that made him millions of dollars, years after his time spent in the league. This is The Crazy Truth About The Richest NBA Player Never Seen!

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