CES Unveiled 2017 – Powervision Drones – PowerEgg, PowerEye, PowerRay

Abt Electronics talks to Powervision about their upcoming drone products the PowerEgg, PowerEye, & the PowerRay.

Powervision PowerEgg – Fly to the Future:

The PowerEgg is the perfect alliance between form and function. With its distinctive shape and bleeding edge engineering, PowerEgg is a powerful personal camera drone that also conveys elegance and aesthetic.

Built to enhance your lifestyle, PowerEgg, through the use of its industry first Maestro gesture based controller, is easy to fly for experts and beginners alike – right out of the box. Maestro interprets your arm movements in real time, allowing you to conduct the drone’s location in the sky.

Coupled with our iOS or Android flight app, PowerEgg delivers powerful autonomous flight modes that help you capture those special moments; be it wakeboarding on the lake, your kids at the park, or dancing on the beach at sunset – PowerEgg is the ultimate accessory to enhance your lifestyle.

Key Features:

– Maestro controller provides world’s first gesture based control
– PowerEgg collapses into elegant egg shaped form, creating an ease of portability and storage
– PowerModes let the drone execute complicated flight tasks, while you concentrate on capturing the shot
– Return to Home brings the drone back to its takeoff point, and safely lands itself
– Control ranges of up to 3.1 miles / 5 kilometers
– Integrated 3-axis gimbal stabilizes and smooths video footage
– Optical Positioning System allows for stable indoor flight
– Customize the look of your PowerEgg through optional designer skins, including the winning design of the PowerEgg Design Challenge
– Choose between the included the Maestro controller or a traditional two-handed joystick controller, both included with PowerEgg

Learn more about the PowerEgg: http://www.powervision.me/en/html/pv/poweregg.html

Powervision PowerEye Cinematography Drone – Professional focus. See beyond

The PowerEye by PowerVision aerial cinematography platform is deigned from the ground up to put the most powerful features, professional results, and ease of control in the hands of those ready for the next evolution in camera drones. With a high end micro 4/3rds camera and interchangeable lenses, the PowerEye uses a simple to use rotational gimbal equilibrium system to ensure your pictures and video are captured in perfect balance. Capture stills and video in stunning Ultra High Definition 4k resolution using either the included 14mm lens or a variety of additional lens options, including an option for a variable focus 14 – 42mm lens, giving the capability of in-air zoom.

PowerEye features maximum flight times of over twenty-nine minutes, adding nearly 40% more flight time than similar aircraft. This allows you to have more freedom in the air to get the shot, and spend less time on the ground. PowerEye comes with two controllers allowing either a single pilot to capture content using our autonomous PowerModes or putting one person in charge of piloting the aircraft and the other in charge of capturing the shot. PowerEye features a First-Person-View camera and object detection on the front of the aircraft, letting the pilot execute precision maneuvering while feeling confident of their surroundings.

PowerEye also features a unique, collapsible design allowing for ease of transport. While in the air the landing gear rises ensuring a clear field of vision, and once on the ground is easily detachable. The rotor arms also fold down creating a transportable form factor, letting you take your PowerEye to any location.

The PowerEye by PowerVision gives you the professional focus to see beyond.

Key Features:

– Professional Cinematography Aerial Drone
– Interchangeable Micro 4/3rd lenses with a variety of additional lens options
– PowerModes let the drone execute complicated flight tasks while you focus on camera work
– Two Controllers allowing for separate aircraft and camera operation
– Control ranges of up to 3.1 miles / 5 kilometers
– Integrated 3-axis gimbal with rotational equilibrium system ensuring perfect balance
– Integrated First Person View (FPV) Camera
– Object Detection Sensors in front of aircraft
– Optical Positioning & Sonar systems allow for accurate indoor flight
– Collapsible, portable design for ease of transport

Learn More about the PowerEye: http://www.powervision.me/en/html/pv/powereye.html

Powervision PowerRay Fish Finder – Changing the Fishing World:

– The detachable PowerRay FishFinder can be used as a standalone device
– Provides detailed information on fish distribution, underwater temperature, depth, under-water landscape, and fish alerts are all available through the mobile app.
– Take your fishing experience to another level by putting a high definition display right in front of your eyes
– Attract fish through an integrated luring light. Pre-installed adjustable LED lighting fit for photo and shooting needs

Learn more about the PowerRay: http://www.powervision.me/en/html/pv/powerray.html


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