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The truth is, ending an Emotional Manipulative Relationship, takes a lot of courage, most times victims find it easier staying in the relationship than leaving. They come up with so many reasons, though invalid appears valid to them, in order to stay in the relationship.

However, the sooner we can build up the courage to end such a relationship, the earlier we can do, such basic acts like breathing.

Here are crucial steps we can take, in order to end an emotionally manipulative relationship, without any hassle.

  • Recognize the fact that you are being emotionally manipulated: The first step in breaking away from a bad habit, is to first recognize the fact, that such habit is truly bad, and you can’t continue indulging in it. It is when you truly recognize a thing for what it is, that you would start actively taking actions to get rid of it. Don’t know, if your partner is emotionally manipulating you, I wrote a post earlier about the signs to watch out for, click on the link below


  • Make a Decision To Leave: You have finally recognized the fact that you are a victim of emotional manipulation. What next? The next step is to make a decision to end things with the manipulator and walk away.


  • Leave and Don’t Look Back: You have probably thought about everything critically, and you have made the decision to leave, However, making a decision to leave and actually leaving are two different things. I know leaving can be a very scary action especially if you are with a partner that physically assaults you. The best way to go about it is to seek moral support from your friends, On the day you decide to leave, make sure you have people around you. Remember it is better to be safe than sorry.


  • Seek Professional Help: Depending on how bad, your emotional well-being has been affected, you might need to confide in somebody you can trust, If you feel you don’t trust your friends enough. It might be necessary to seek professional help, in order to get your life on track.


  • Stand Firm in your Decision: The temptation might be there to check on your ex, to see if he is doing okay without you, you might even feel lonely for a while and consider going back to him. However, this is the period where you are meant to stand firm in your decision. To make things easier on you, You should block all memories of him from your mind, This can be achieved by deleting his number, pictures and forgetting him completely. Sounds easier said than done, I know.


  • Start Living Your Life To The Fullest: An abusive relationship takes a lot of things from us, Your partner might have had issues with how you dress, your eating habits, and you might have found yourself turning into somebody that you are not, just so you can make him happy, Once you are able to finally break free from that relationship, it’s time to start living your life on your terms

Lol,this is true but it's easier said than done,love is a very powerful thing. Only extremely strong people would succeed.


That's very true.

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