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“Forget all the ranting on social media, some of us have our passports ready to elope” – Caroline Danjuma

Nollywood actress, Carline Danjuma has hinted that she is ready to leave the country due to everything happening in Nigeria.

According to the mother of three, some celebrities cannot speak up because they still thinking about their pockets as regards their contracts with Political friends.

She also told people to forget all the ranting on social media, that some of them have passports ready to elope the country anytime.

Caroline’s post on her Instagram page reads ;

” So much that I want to say .. history will teach you a lot .. the only people I pity are the poor .. forget all the ranting on the social media some of us have our passports ready to elope .. some of us cant speak up because we still consider the contracts with our political friends , it is all about our pockets . Some of us can’t talk because we really do not care since our kids were birth abroad . So much I want to say .. but here I am weeping in silence .. I wish I could turn it around .”

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