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Alleged absent ‘deadbeat’ father almost blinds estranged wife after battering her over child custody in Benue

A Nigerian man who hails from the capital city of Benue, Makurdi has been accused of battering his estranged wife over the custody of their kids.

The couple, one Jerry Gbileve and Iember Abigail Jootar got estranged about two years ago over domestic violence and infidelity and the wife, Iember reportedly got custody of their kids, her relatives revealed on Facebook.

According to her relatives, over the past two years since the couple have been separated, Jerry has been a deadbeat father and Iember has been the one responsible for the upkeep of their children.

It was so like this for two years until some weeks back, when Jerry went to Iember’s house in Makurdi when she was out running errands and took their kids from the nanny.

Alleged absent 'deadbeat' father

By the weekend, when he was yet to bring them back home so they could prepare for school the following week, Iember reportedly went to her estranged husband’s house on the 14 of March, 2020, to get her kids but Gbileve beat her up and left her almost blind in one eye.

Her relatives then took to Facebook to share photos of the injuries she sustaineda as they claim that she has gotten custody of the kids but she now fears for her safety as her estranged husband has been threatening her.

Below are the photos and accounts given by relatives,

Alleged absent 'deadbeat' father

Alleged absent 'deadbeat' father

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